Our 7-Step Success Plan

Franchising Unlimited has completely streamlined the franchise development process. There is no longer a need to jump through multiple hoops to bring your dream of expansion to reality.  We are a complete one-stop, turnkey operation coordinating and implementing all franchising development tasks – legal, financial, lease negotiation, site selection and marketing – together under one roof.

The Franchising Unlimited 7-Step Plan

Step 1: In-Depth Review
Our team performs an in-depth examination and review of your business’ operational concepts, operation units, marketing strategies and accounting systems.  We even help you research the competition.

Step 2: Document Preparation
Our legal team prepares the Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement, as well as all necessary state registration documents.

Step 3: Operational Manual Development
Based on our analysis of your operation, we create a comprehensive Operational Manual that details guidelines on how the franchisee is to operate the franchised business.  It includes general business procedures, as well as the areas of accounting, personnel, advertising, promotion and maintenance.

Step 4: Establishment of Royalty Fees
After careful analysis, we help determine how much you will receive from the franchisee on a predetermined schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) for ongoing services.

Step 5: Establishment of a Marketing Program
Our creative team of marketing professionals will develop franchise sales brochures and provide advertising assistance.  If requested, we will actively participate in the marketing of franchises to prospective franchisees.

Step 6: Training & Support Systems Development
Training is key to success.  That’s why we establish proprietary training and support systems in order for your franchisees to manage their operations more efficiently.

Step 7: Ongoing Consultation
Once everything is in place and you have launched your operation we will be there for you during your all-important first year, answering questions, helping to iron out issues and providing ongoing expertise when called for.